Who We Are

who we are

Dr. Dorette Lewis-Senior


We are a group of professional healers who want to see women thrive, experience wholeness and enjoy life regardless of the challenges they face.  We strive in our efforts to R.E.A.C.H women every day anywhere in the world; regardless of race, ethnicity or religion. We pledge to:

Rescue women in distress-emotionally, physically or spiritually.

Embrace and empower women into a nurturing environment of love.

Assist women financially towards personal development.

Comfort and Care for orphans and widows.

Heal those who are sick or infirmed.


If you are a woman:

# Above the age of thirty-one

# In need of loving support and compassionate care

# Looking for a place to belong socially and spiritually

# Looking for a mentor

# Desires empowerment

# Going through midlife challenges

# Is a Widow

# Experiencing difficulty in acculturation due to immigration, language challenges or significant changes in your health.

This is a place for you.

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Events & Opportunities

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  • Club Esther

    Club Esther is for women who want to develop life –skills, grow spiritually and experience a more balanced life with purpose and wholeness.  Club Esther will help you to become.

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  • Retreat

    A retreat is a great opportunity for you to rest your mind, gain insights into yourself and set goals for further personal development and success in life.

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    We are a private non-profit organization with a passion to heal, inspire, empower and transform the lives of women and children in need of love and compassion.