Who we are

If you are a woman above the age of thirty-one and are in need of loving support, compassionate care, a place to feel belonged, a social and spiritual circle to connect with and be mentored and empowered by other women as you navigate through your life’s challenges; then this is a place for you.  We are a group of professional healers who want to see women thrive, experience wholeness and enjoy life regardless of the challenges they face.  We strive in our efforts to R.E.A.C.H women every day anywhere in the world; regardless of race, ethnicity or religion.  We pledge to:

Rescue women in distress-emotionally, physically or spiritually.

Embrace and empower women into a nurturing environment of love.

Assist women financially towards personal development.

Comfort and Care for orphans and widows.

Heal those who are sick or infirmed.

Our “Club Esther” focuses on personal development through retreat attendance, monthly skills building activity and engagement in other club activities.  Your participation in club activities is not mandatory but is highly recommended.  Club Esther is designed to inspire, empower, transform, and move you in the direction of self-development and accountability.  The club culture is one that will help you to “ Tie A Knot”  in a conscious and determined effort to grow and develop spiritually, gain mental and emotional freedom, acquire spiritual peace, pursue personal happiness and gain contentment in life.  This is the ultimate expression of our slogan; Ask, Know, Inspire, Empower, Transform.



Healing Streams Ministry Incorporated (HSMI) seeks to provide an environment of professional Healers who are prayerful and compassionate towards the health needs of all women and their families. HSMI will provide or assist women with resources that will enable them and their families to live healthier physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.


HSMI believes in the sacred value of human life and that all people are created equal. HSMI also believes  that  health is not merely the absence of disease but a state of balance in mind-body-spirit.  This state encompasses principles of faith, science and nature; thus a person with a difficult illness can still experience peace and joy. Often times innocent children become victims of harsh environments beyond their control and all efforts should be made to keep them to safety. HSMI believes that one of the highest spiritual mandate is to be compassionate towards orphans, widows and persons in crisis. HMSI is a private non-profit and is an affiliate member of Logos Global Network, an IRS 501(c)3 entity.

We are a private non-profit organization with a passion to heal, inspire, empower and transform the lives of women and children in need of love and compassion.  We pledge to R.E.A.C.H. them regardless of race, religion or creed. We strive to model practical love and compassion in the name of Christ.  Your full donation will go directly towards the projects enlisted; unless you otherwise specify.