Spiritual care at HSMI

HSMI was founded on Christian beliefs which influences a lot of the programs offered but services are provided to women and children regardless of race, creed or religion. Our care includes providing spiritual resources that will benefit the whole person-mind, body and soul..


Wellness Information at HSMI

In order to facilitate personal growth and development amongst all women and children wellness information is geared towards health promotion, disease prevention, early intervention, risk factor reduction and guidelines to follow for prompt recovery.


Charity At HSMI

We give financially to organizations or programs that support the education children and personal development of women in of learning life-skills.


Charity at HSMI also includes our mentoring program which is geared towards young adults. Our mentoring program provides opportunities for college internship credits, spiritual enrichment and English language development. Mentoring is one our greatest passion HSMI.

Additionally, our fundraising efforts go to support local and international agencies that provide services that benefit, orphans, widows and women in crisis due to natural disasters or domestic violence.