Dr. Dorette provides a unique, individualized plan of care to meetthe comprehensive needs of her patients.   She engages a five step process which includes incorporation of appropriate tests, seeking to find the root cause (s) of the discomfort, customize the solution and establish health and wellness.  She works with her patients to establish goals that are simple, specific, meaningful, measureable, reachable, necessary and has a timeframe for completion and re-assessment.

She is a pioneering leader in combining health, wellness and spirituality.  She teaches her patients about the importance of early intervention, risk factor reduction, chronic disease management and the benefits of incorporating new and successful applications in integrative healthcare.  Her services include the use of carefully selected herbs, clinical nutrition, homeopathy, psychotherapeutic and spiritual counseling, acupuncture, massage therapy, contrast hydrotherapy, oral chelation and thermography.

During your initial consultation with Dr. Dorette, you can expect a comprehensive assessment which will include questions about you mental, emotional, physical and spiritual well-being.  You can also expect an explanation of any supplement she is recommending for you and as well as a review of any medication (s) you are taking. 

Dr. Dorette has helped many patients gain success with a personalized nutrition approach and her customized wellness programs.   She has helped many patients to gain relief from pain, digestion discomforts, insomnia, constipation, diabetic neuropathies andside effects of medications- including some chemotherapy agents.  She goes the extra mile to teach her patients how to read and apply food labels, use quick and easy grocery shopping tips,  prepare quick and healthy meals and encourages them to do everything healthy and possible toimprove their health and ward off cancer, diabetes, auto-immune disorders, hypertension, arthritis, allergy and digestive diseases.

Dr. Dorette provides Naturopathic medical care to the whole family and has helped many patients with conditions not listed.