Health counseling

Counseling at HSMI is focuses on one to one discussion of feelings, perceptions, problems, and ways to process these experiences so that problems or negative feelings can be addressed, coping skills strengthened and balance in mind, body and spirit can be a real experience in everyday living.
Education is more about what to do, when to do and how to do so that you can heal from an injury or surgery without unwanted outcomes, heal from emotional insults in a timely manner, develop spiritual awareness and benefit from its gift and learn how to take care of your “whole being”.
Counseling at HSMI maybe an ongoing decision and whereas education can be an ongoing choice.
We have some of the best health counselors who are Christians who apply common counselling theory in balance with biblical principles. We offer several counseling services for the whole family depending on the need. Sessions can be bought as a package or used as a session at a time. We provide one-to-one counselling where necessary. We are here to listen provide guidance to you. Give us a try and you will be amazed.